Community Bonding

Hello everyone, before I write about what I have accomplished during the community bonding period, I’d like to explain a bit about OpenMRS .

About OpenMRS

OpenMRS is an open source organization which focuses on building an EMR, the idea of establishing  OpenMRS is started at Eldoret,Kenya when Burke Mamlin and Paul Biondich visited Ampath project  in February 2004. The current version of OpenMRS exists for HIV/AIDS, Drug resistant TB, primary care and oncology.

About OpenMRS Atlas

OpenMRS Atlas is a website where we show the information of implementations of OpenMRS across the globe in the form of a marker for each implementation where the administrators will send the information on a weekly basis to the server.

Progress during the Community Bonding period

  1. Learned thoroughly regarding how the atlas works.
  2. Learned some new stuff in PHP, JavaScript which will be useful in the coding phase.
  3. Struggled to install the server locally(yet din complete it there are some minor issues).
  4. Recognized some issues in the project which I will try to address in the coding phase.
  5. started participating in the daily scrum meetings
  6. started a thread and to communicate with the mentors Jan Flowers and Pascal Brandt regarding the project requirements.
  7. Discussed regarding project with Jan and Pascal.
  8. Started learning how to blog.




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