Week#3 Updates and REST API

Hello everyone,

This week I was very busy doing following tasks

  • Figured out a little part of the API for the existing Laravel framework and started designing it.
  • Committed little bit of code which I will develop into an app running in the coming weeks(hopefully).
  • Attended scrum meets.
  • Updated the mentors through the call.
  • Relatively it was a huge learning experience and due to which I am a bit behind the schedule.

I would like to explain a bit about REST

REST : Representational state transfer, In my terms if I could put it in one line, it is a renaissance in software industry which came along with web 2.0

Some terms which are useful in understanding rest are 

  • API server: main REST application serving the API, in this case, written in PHP.
  • API endpoint: a backend “method” which the client communicates with to perform an action and produce results.
  • API endpoint URL: URL through which the backend system is accessible to the world.
  • API token: a unique identifier passed via HTTP headers or cookies from which the user can be identified.
  • App: client application which will communicate with the REST application via API endpoints. In this article we will assume that it is web based (either desktop or mobile), and so it is written in JavaScript.

Currently I am going to design the API and write the specifications in swagger specifications and generate the server side code and tweak it accordingly to make it work.

Finally submitted the feedback, little bit nervous about the coming mid-term evaluation. 🙂

Commits of this week : Link

Thanks for reading  🙂



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