Week#5- Exposing REST Resources and Midterm


Hello Everyone,

This week, I exposed the REST resources of OpenMRS Atlas using Node, Coming to the timeline, I have almost accomplished what I’ve planned earlier this month.

Some of the key Resource and routes for accessing them are



  1. Distributions
    • GET /distributions : Response is a JSON object with all the type of distributions.
  2. MarkerSites
    • GET /markersites : Response is a JSON object with all the markers available in the database
    • GET / marker/:id : Get a specific marker with UUID parameter.
    • GET /markers : This route will respond with a JSON object with a group of markers of a given type and version as parameters in the URI.
    • POST /marker : Creates a new marker on the Atlas.
    • POST /marker/:id : to update the specific marker.

MidTerm Evaluation

I have completed the midterm evaluation of my mentor earlier this week and I’ve almost achieved what I have planned in the timeline .

Yet to achieve/plan for post-midterm

Hopefully, the following are the key things I’ll be working until the completion of GSoC.

  • Consistent REST API.
  • Get the UI done in a week(probably by the end of June).
  • Authentication against OpenMRS ID .
  • Adding functionalities to support arbitrary metric from the client.
  • Compatibility to use the atlas through the module.
  • Release the Atlas 3.0



Shekhar 🙂



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