Week #6 Playing with JQuery

Hello everyone,

This week, I started with getting the map show up when the app runs with the rest URI’s I’ve written in node, but surprisingly that didn’t happen as expected so I have to run through the code related to the frontend part and figured out a few points as how the frontend was designed.

  • All the code in the front end is just simple JavaScript using AJAX requests with Jquery using a gmap3 plugin for google maps API.
  • So up till now I am able to show the map on the browser and markers showing up on them
  • The view files which are  a part of backend use the blade template engine in which we have the PHP code partially inserted, and the worst part was to remove all the PHP code in view file and replace them with corresponding JavaScript.
  • The view files that I use right now are .ejs which are relatively very easy to understand and write

Objectives yet to achieve and plan coming weeks

  • Probably it may take a few days to come up with the markers and Legend/Distributions show up on the map.
  • Start the authentication part with the help of the community.




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