Week 8 Updates

Hello everyone,

This week I have worked on following

  • Updated the README with the instructions as how to install the atlas server locally.
  • Written the SQL script files for the DB on a Gist and shared it with instructions.
  • Made to get the lock symbol on the edit info window of the bubble.
  • Scrum meets.


OpenMRS ID is the system of user management used by the OpenMRS Community. User accounts are managed and created using the OpenMRS ID Dashboard, a web app written in Node.js. Data model is built around LDAP user object and stored on an OpenLDAP server. In order to support unified authentication for all OpenMRS sites and external services, ID Dashboard also provides SSO, OAuth EndPoints.

For Atlas, we use the SSO Endpoints provided by the OpenMRS ID.

So.. What is SSO ?

SSO– Single Sign On authentication of a user with which the user enter his credentials only once to access a group related systems.

How we use it in Atlas ?

We use the multipass strategy of SSO to get the user authenticated to Atlas. For more details into how multipass actually works.. head to this LINK .

In Atlas, we need not encode the user details into AES encrypted JSON –that is done by the OpenMRS ID but we need to decode the encrypted JSON and use the details as we need it.

I use this Library for Decoding .


Shekhar 🙂


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